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Connecting the World to your Business


Create loyal customers that love your brand

Zoi Media Group exists to develop high-tech platforms that specialize in promoting travel and tourism through multimedia content, inspiring global travelers, facilitating tourism.

We do this by providing customized solutions that strengthen the hospitality trade using video integration management paired with digital marketing. Zoi Media Group ensures the visibility of global travel, arts and culture organizations through dynamic video productions and captivating storytelling.

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Our mission is to provide customized solutions to strengthen your organization’s online presence and increase engagement.

Zoi Media Group Ensures Your Organization Can Meet the Evolving Global Travel, Arts, & Culture Industry Head On with Powerful Web Experiences, Dynamic Video Productions, and Captivating Story-Telling.

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education & Training
  • NGO’s & Non-Profits

Engage your business with an evolving global market

  • Inspire Your Target Audience
  • Increase direct sales
  • Generate & Diversify Your Business
  • Scale & Grow Exponentially

Zoi Media Group has a wealth of measurable experience in the global hospitality industry, and has developed an extensive network with stakeholders, associations, preeminent artists, and other relevant tourism related partners worldwide.